Coin Reactive Reveal

If you are interested in our coin reactive reveal ink, please follow these guidelines to ensure a high quality product that your customers will love. 

  • Minimum font size is 12 point bold in sans serif typeface. For best results avoid small type and keep amount of type to a minimum.
  • Coin reactive reveal will print gray. It cannot used colored inks. Please see example.
  • Convert all type to outlines.
  • The coin reactive area cannot have any graphics/ink over it and must remain white to keep from interfering with the coin reactive.
  • Recommend you message say "SCRATCH WITH COIN" on the label to direct readers how to reveal the message underneath.
  • Coin reactive reveal is available in any of our special shapes.
  • The coin reactive area may also be a shape.
  • You may have up to 8 rotating messages. If number of offers to be printed are equal, the number of messages must be an even number.
  • Recommend the coin reactive area have a 1 point rule.
  • Coin reactive is only available on the front side.
  • Backside may print with black or other PMS solid coated color. 

If you are unable to meet the above specifications or have additional questions please contact us and someone in the Graphics Department would be happy to assist you.

Example of label after scratching with coin


Craft beer labeling technology demo

As this video shows, we design labels that adhere to anything: even a cold, wet can. If you have a product that needs a label, we'll find a solution that sticks.

Century Printing helped us bring our bottle labeling up to current industry standards. We wouldn't work with any other label printer!


Donald Williams Craft Beer Owner

Great adhesion, after working with Chris and his team, our labels look fantastic and save us money.


Adam Shifflett Owner, Three Brothers Brewing

All of my customers are using labels from Century Printing and Packaging. They look amazing, are made with high quality materials, and stick on great even when the bottles are wet.


John FleckBottle Works LLC

We were having huge issues labeling our bottles given the extreme humidity in Hong Kong. Century solved our problem after months of trying other company labels. Not only that, the labels look great, stay on despite the Hong Kong heat and humidity and customer service at Century is excellent.


Simon PeschBrewmaster, Hong Kong Beer Co.

We were very pleased with the labels you provided for our  Toad the Wet Hop Ale  project. The color, size and feel were right on our specs. Additionally, they performed flawlessly in regards to adhesion and durability. Thanks for help in making the project work!


Since our partnership, there haven't been any complaints. This company defines great customer service. It's great to work with an organization that exceeds beyond their capability. Century Printing gives great results on their products and offers a wide variety of sizes to choose from. My experience with Century Printing has been inviting, warm, professional and accommodating.  Century Printing has a great team that's willing to make sure each customer gets 100% satisfaction. Great Job and keep up the good work.