Artwork Requirements

The quality of the packaging can oftentimes make the initial sale

turn a browsing shopper into a repeat customer.

We are more than an order taker. We bring you proactive ideas that are designed to help you succeed. Our in-house graphics team will work with you to design a label that integrates your logo and complements your packaging and brand identity. We can also print on the back of labels, which frees up space on the front for your crucial marketing message or visually enticing graphics.We have experience with GS1, UPC, 2-dimensional and QR barcodes. As part of our extensive quality control process, we test the barcode of each run to ensure readability and clarity.

We have outlined our art requirements for Flexographic printing, coin reactive reveal and backside printing. If you have any questions or are unable to meet the requirements, please contact us. Our Graphics Department will be happy to assist you.

Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Please convert all type to outlines
  • Remove any unused layers and graphics
  • Save with Adobe 8 (PDF 1.7) Compatability

Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Only ideal for images
  • Save as CMYK as psd, tiff, or eps
  • Do not use for small or fine type
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