Backside Printing

Some designs for backside printed labels can cause adhesive or applicator dispensing problems. Please follow these guidelines when designing backside graphics for your labels. 

  • All copy and graphics must be kept within the copy limits. There is a 1/4" of no ink area around all four sides of label
  • Use reverse type, images, and heavy graphics sparingly. Heavy ink coverage impairs adhesion.
  • Minimum point size is 5 points sans serif for positive and 7 points sans serif for negative (reverse type). Convert type to outlines.
  • Screened type should be no smaller than 10 points
  • Minimum line weight is 1/2 point (.0069")
  • Avoid designs that include a large solid block of graphics/images (no larger than 1"x1")
  • Avoid large, bold text
  • Avoid gradients & borders
  • Backside printing can be done on both standard and special shapes
  • Only include 1 color on backside (Black or choose from PMS solid coated colors).

If you have any questions about whether your design is feasible, please contact us  and we will review it with you. 

If art files are too large to send via email, you may upload them to our FTP site. 

Upload artwork

username: cppnews

password: upload