Your product can either turn heads or get lost in the ocean of choices.

We will partner with you to find a solution that sticks, is consistent and pushes you to the spotlight.

Printed labels are critical to your product's success. The consistency, quality, adhesive performance, and barcode reliability are all major factors to protecting and advancing your brand. We have an in-house graphics team that can assist in design and implementation of your label, or work with your staff to faithfully adhere to your graphic brand standards. We can also provide press proofs as needed for new products and retailer approvals.

Logistical Solutions

We pride ourselves for being on time and on budget. Our manufacturing plant in South Carolina allows us to ship anywhere in the southeast within 2 days or less. We can set up an inventory program that allows for same-day shipment, as needed.

Functional Application

The application of your labels is as important as the brand image. We can work with a wide variety of substrates that perform in challenging environments and on various applicators. We know that you have worked hard to build your brand, and we understand the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image day-in, day-out. As a family-owned company we are dedicated to the care and safeguarding of your brand image. We produce only the highest quality labels consistently, time after time and we deliver within your specified timeline to keep your line running and profitable.

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