We can accept artwork in the form of an .ai (illustrator) file, EPS, PDF or PSD. If you are submitting a photoshop PSD file, leave the layers unflattened. If you build the job Indesign, export the art to a PDF and send both files. Include all support graphics and photos. Since the resolution of an embedded pr linked image is critical to a high quality final product, it needs to be at least 300dpi, in CMYK, saved as a TIFF or EPS and included in the same folder with your artwork. If you are unsure whether sending a file is necessary or not, go ahead and send it.

Dieline Templates

Please create your artwork using our dieline templates. If you do not want the artwork to bleed, keep it within 1/8" from the edge of the label. If you want the label to bleed, it should extend 1/8" past the edges of the label.

Colors & Fonts

We ask that you specify all PMS colors used in the design. We can print any color from the PMS Solid Coated book except metallic colors and colors in the 800's. Outline all fonts prior to saving and sending files. Minimum font size is 4 points for positive and 6 points for reverse copy. All black elements should be 100% black rather than a combination of CMYK (Rich Black). There is a maximum of 6 colors, including the 4-color process, except in Coin Reactive Reveal.

If your design requires a graduated screen (gradient), 2% is the minimum dot percentage rather than graduating from 0%. Please be aware that this affects drop shadows as well.

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