QR Codes & Barcodes

QR Codes Barcode Art

QR Codes and barcodes serve as a way to draw customers and measure your business ROI (return on investment).

In order to make sure your code campaign is successful, we must verify that the code works properly. To ensure the barcode is functioning properly, your art files needs to be sized correctly. All elements that need to print must be 1/8" from the edge of the final size of your label. By following these dimension guidelines when creating your art file, we should be able to prepare your file and make sure your final proof matches what you initially sent in. If your code is unique to your business and should not scan here, please let us know.

When using a QR Code or a barcode, please make sure it is 100% of a color instead of being made up of multiple percentages of CMYK values. Also, if using a barcode, RED will NOT scan due to lasers being red.

Here are some examples of correct label with codes and one that may pose as a problem because it would need to be revised due to space.

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